Continuous Improvement

        We believe that we must promote continuous self-improvement and cultivate innovation and creativity.  As a Company we will encourage lifelong learning and on-going development and aim to develop and harness the potential of our people.

Client Focus

       We believe that our clients and suppliers are partners in our success.  As a Company we will provide added value in all that we do, excellent customer-care and products and services of the highest quality within an environment of cautious cost-containment.


       We believe that our people are central to our success.  As a Company we will engender respect for one another through the management of diversity, we will honor our commitments with our employees, work co-operatively in the spirit of team work, promote open communication and value individual ability and equity.


        We believe that our managers are professionals and as such they should be given autonomy to take decisions that drive the Company forward.  As a Company we will provide the necessary support for effective and high-quality decisions where we would be able to exceed our limits in an environment of complete accountability.


       We believe that we should adopt a professional attitude in all of our transactions with clients, suppliers, employees and management.  As a company we will cultivate and project a professional image of transparency and honesty.