The changing market, fluctuating demand and intense competition are forcing organizations to deliver more with less. Each tries to be ‘cheaper, faster, better’ in order to differentiate themselves. As a result corporate and support functions such as IT are coming under increasing pressure to demonstrate genuine ‘value-added’ contribution to business performance besides their own.

Similarly, external service providers such as consultants are being held more accountable for achieving goals and improving performance as well. These new demands are having a dramatic effect on how people in internal functions and external service providers must operate.

By transforming IT professionals into internal consultants, organizations will help raise the professional and service levels of IT and its perceived value to the business and prepare the ground for the future where some of these services could potentially be marketed to external clients thereby changing IT from a cost centre to a revenue generator.

GlobalTechApps Consulting Methodology ensures the below elements are addressed:



Where the market is and where it is heading?

Who are the dominant players and their areas of specialization?

What types of problems do consultants typically work on?

Right and wrong reasons for engaging consultants?


Importance of client relationship management

What are the challenges to building good client relationships

How to build positive and lasting relationships with clients

How to qualify an assignment or requirement


At GlobalTechApps, we understand how consultants operate and also help IT project staffs and sponsors to better manage consultant-led assignments so that there is greater synergy, partnership and closer supervision.