Custom CRM Development

GlobalTechApps designs and develops Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems that help businesses manage their relationships with existing and potential customers alike. A good CRM system will streamline your business processes to generate leads and increase customer satisfaction. Recognizing that efficient customer service is a crucial factor in attracting and retaining customers, businesses are implementing CRM technologies to help improve the overall customer experience while increasing employee efficiency and ultimately minimizing costs.

GlobalTechApps builds custom-designed CRM systems that allow for effective management of several aspects of your company's business processes:

1.Sales & Marketing: GlobalTechApps's Sales & Marketing CRM solutions help you generate more leads, effectively manage existing leads, convert leads into customers, quickly view all account-related activity and improve the overall productivity of your sales team. An custom CRM system is much more efficient than manually tracking sales leads.

2.Customer Activity Management: GlobalTechApps's Activity Management CRM solutions allow your employees to view all customer transactions, easily locate and view information regarding customer interactions, quickly respond to customer inquiries and more efficiently manage business tasks and post-sales follow-up activities.

3.Customer Service & Support: GlobalTechApps's Service & Support CRM solutions help you gather customer support requests, assign requests to the appropriate division or support agent, escalate customer support cases when necessary, assist customers in finding solutions for common issues on your website and identify areas where customer service can be improved.

GlobalTechApps designs CRM solutions with the end-user in mind.

Outsourcing CRM Development:

Deep understanding of all aspects of the CRM software implementation combined with substantial technical expertise, it will enable us to present CRM solutions fully customized to client's demands and business particulars.

We will help you to enhance your existing data sharing and sales system, it will enable you to build extremely efficient channels for exchanging data with your clients, providers and employees worldwide based on the most up to date technologies.